Take care of your leather bag

Vachetta leather is one of the most exclusive materials nature can provide us. Use your bag wisely and remember to read through our advice below to increase the life of your bag.

Always avoid rain and wetness as leather and water do not mix. If your bag gets wet, you should dry it as soon as possible with a clean cloth and let it dry indoors. Make sure the bag is not left standing or left for too long in direct, strong sunlight as the leather can dry out and change color.

Sometimes the damage is unavoidable and a stain or scratch occurs. We always recommend contacting a cobbler or professional cleaner.
Genuine leather

It is always good to take care of your bag and therefore make sure to regularly wipe the bag with a slightly damp cloth to clean the leather. Be careful not to rub too hard while cleaning. If your bag has a grease stain, avoid water and just clean with a cloth. Genuine leather has a smell but this will fade over time. There is a small risk that the leather may discolor in the beginning in connection with, for example, getting wet on light-colored clothes.

Make sure never to overpack your bag both in terms of volume and weight for longer durability. When you are not using your bag, a good tip is to use padding paper to keep a good shape.